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Justin Smith
  June 2011
Justin Smith
Justin Smith
Home: Fountain Valley, California
Graduates: June - 2011
High School: Fountain Valley High School
Home Golf Course: Mile Square Golf Course
Height: 5 ft. 10 in.   Weight: 150 lbs.
Started Playing Golf at Age: 11
Plays Golf: Right handed
Recent Tournament Summary
  Date Tournament Name Location Yardage Par Score Finish
1 Dec 28-29 3rd Annual SD Junior Amateur Steele Canyon 6622 71 87 - 78  165 58/108
2 Nov 13-14 Pure Focus National Tour at Pala Pala Mesa Resort 6502 72 83 - 75  158 10/38
3 Oct 23-24 National Tour Woods Valley Woods Valley Golf Club 6670 72 77 - 78  155 t-12/23
4 Aug 23 AJGA Emerson Junior Golf Classic Qualifier Maderas Golf Club- Poway CA 7094 72 83 t-55/77
5 Aug 2-3 52nd Annual Lee Hammil Memorial Los Coyotes Country Club - Buena Park, CA 6578 71 80 - 84  164 37/47
6 Jul 27 Mile Square Summer Championship Mile Square Golf Club - C- Fountain Valley, CA 6714 72 74 t-2/16
7 Jul 26 US Amateur Qualifier Big Canyon Country Club- Newport Beach CA 6981 72 84 - 81  165 t-53/71
8 Jun 28 US Junior Amateur Qualifier Mesa Verde Country Club 6726 71 85 - 80  165 t-66/72
9 Jun 21 Junior World Qualifier Green River Golf Course 6469 72 78 t-13/59
10 Jun 20 AJGA ClubCorp Mission Hills Desert Junior K12 Qualifier Mission Hills Country Club 6720 72 81 t-39/75
All About Me
  1. Golf Achievements:
    *Due to having mono over the summer of 2010 my scores were adversely affected.
    In 2009 at the age of 16 I competed in several high profile tournaments, which included two t-1 finishes in both the Junior World Golf Qualifier and the Milikan Invitational Varisty Golf Tournament.  I qualified for Junior World with a 1 under par 70 at Indian Palms Golf Course and I shot an even par 72 at the Milikan Invitational.   I also played in the Southern California Junior PGA match play event where I qualified with a 1 over par 73 at Los Serranos North Golf Course and reached the quarter finals in match play. While competing in the highly competitive Sunset League high school season as a sophomore, I maintained the number one spot on my golf team with a 37.8 scoring average and I was selected to 2nd team all-league. 
  2. Other Achievements:
    In addition to playing golf, I also played club soccer at a very competitive level.  I was the captain of my team for the last two years up until U-16, and I played a critical role on the field playing in the center-midfield.  We were considered one of the best travel club teams in the area.  We competed with some of the best teams in California as well as some of the best international teams.  The last 2 years we competed with some of the best teams for the National title. As a freshman I played on the Junior Varsity soccer team at Fountain Valley HS, but my sophomore year I decided to dedicate all of my time to playing golf and not pursue Varsity soccer at my high school.
  3. Attributes that will make me a good college student-athlete golfer:
    While I was playing both competitive soccer and golf year round I was challenged with having to practice both sports on the same day as well as completing my homework.  During this time I was able to maintain my 3.7 GPA.  I feel my strong work ethic, organizational skills, time management and commitment to my academic and athletic goals will prepare me to be a good college student-athlete golfer. 
  4. I will be a good college teammate because:
    I believe my experience as captain on a highly competitive club soccer team gives me the tools to be a good college teammate.  When I played competitive soccer I was the center midfielder, which is like the quarterback on a football team.  This required me to always be in position as well as make sure my teammates kept their position.  Several times during the golf off season I've filmed my teammates with my V1 Golf swing analysis software and video camera.  I've become very competent at identifying swing faults through the software and I've helped several of my teammates improve their swing.
  5. I am looking for a university and golf program that:
    I'm looking for a university that can challenge me academically to prepare me for life after college.  With the golf program I'm looking for a positive experience that can better me as a person and as a golfer.  I hope to be fortunate enough to have teammates that are as motivated as I am to win and are fun to be around on and off the course.  I'm looking for a coach who can provide the tools and direction I need to be the best golfer and person I can be. I look forward to helping create the chemistry needed for a team to compete at the highest collegiate level.
  6. My college goals are:
    During my 4 years in college, I hope to be fortunate enough to compete with my team for a conference title as well as a national championship. By my junior year, through my hard work and direction of my coach, I'd like to be recognized as a highly ranked collegiate golfer.  I look forward to the extraordinary experiences college life has to offer as well as creating lifetime friendships with my teammates.
  7. I am looking for a college golf coach that:
    I'm looking for a coach who has a passion for the game as well as a passion for his players to succeed on and off the course.  The coach should provide the tools and direction necessary for each individual player to succeed at the highest collegiate level.  The coach should demand the most from each player as well as provide a competitive environment to reward players who are playing the best.
  8. The strengths of my golf game are:
    The strengths of my golf game are my ball striking and my will to win.  On average I hit 13 greens and 10 fairways per round, which allows me to consistently shoot low scores.  My competition experience in tournaments like the 2009 Junior World Championships, 2009 Southern California Match Play and the 2009 Orange County High School Championship has strengthened the mental side of my game.
  9. The weaknesses of my golf game are:
    Whenever I go over my round when I haven't played well, I realize that it's mainly attributed to my performance around the greens.  At times I struggle with getting putts in the 6 to 8 foot range to fall.  To help improve with the 6 to 8 footers, I've made a rule for myself not to leave the practice putting green until I've made 100 putts from this range.  I am also working on improving my mental game by learning how to stay in the moment and make smart course management decisions.
  10. I think my golf game will continue to improve because:
    I know my golf game will continue to improve because of my strong work ethic.  In one year I dropped my high school scoring average from a 42 as a freshman to a 37.8 as a sophomore. I continue to work on my physical strength by lifting weights, and I regularly perform mental exercises to improve the mental side of my game.  As I continue to practice, I know there's no limit to how much I can improve.  I look forward to the direction of a collegiate golf coach to fine-tune my golf game to compete at the collegiate level.
Personal Statement
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